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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shoe Cubby FREE 99

I got this bookshelf for free, someone was throwing it out and I snagged it. (I know, not the greatest picture) I had planned on sprucing it up and putting the bookshelf in my baby's room. However, Lloyd got thinking about it and decided to make a shoe cubby out of it for our porch.  I was elated!  He has the best ideas!
This is the desk we took out of our living room and it literally fell apart as we were taking it out. (I didn't realize it was on its' last legs) We decided to keep the wood for a project, and this was the perfect one. (We still have more if we need it for anything)

Here is my Amazing Hubby (Lloyd) cutting the wood for the cubbies.  It was actually a pretty warm day for us, so he didn't mind being outside, except the wind was a bit sharp.

I'm actually embarrassed for anyone to see this, but here is my porch on a regular day, shoes EVERYWHERE!

This is the view from the basement stairs, but usually there are shoes right by the stairs that get tripped on constantly.


Again from the stairs.

A perfect fit!  I chose red, I've always wanted a red piece of furniture, but never had one until now!  The red is also leftover paint from my MIL's rocking chair.

Everything has a place now!! Even my Hubby's size 13 shoes have a home, in the larger cubbies on the bottom.  My gloves, hats and scarves can stay in their box, to be moved in the summer, and now the ice melt has a home that the baby can't get into.  I LOVE IT!!

The view from the stairs, it is so nice to not trip on anything!  The best part is, the whole thing was FREE and we used things we had at home to make this cute shoe cubby!  My Lloyder amazes me every day! Now we just need to paint the walls on the porch for some color, I think we'll use leftover paint from the living room and use the milk chocolate brown color, that is once we get a new door.  One thing at a time.  But I do LOVE LOVE this cubby!

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  1. Seriously amazing woman! :) Way to be creative! I especially love the red :)

  2. What a great look for your back door porch!! Again, I love the RED!

  3. You are so talented Clisty! I love this, I bet it feels so nice to have everything cleaned up. I hate clutter! And the wall hangings you made with the scrapbook paper are so cute!

  4. That looks awesome. We need something like that. OUr shoes are just thrown in a basket by our back door and I hate it. Such a great idea.

  5. We are sooo in need of a shoe organizer at our house! This gives me an idea!! Thanks! Thanks for linking it up at Sassy Sites for our Trash to Treasure Tuesday! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo!


  6. That is fabulous! Way to go! :) Love your blog!