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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Little Red Rocking Chair

This little rocking chair belongs to my Mother-in-law, she got this chair when she was a little girl, so it's at least 60 years old.  The chair was originally painted red, my MIL had taken the chair apart after it had broken an arm, and some of the spindles were also broken.  She was planning to try and repair the chair and stain it natural, it sat for several years when my Hubby (Lloyd) took it to finish it for her, he tried every thing he could think of to get the red staining off the chair, to no avail.  It moved with us 3 different times, and FINALLY this year he took it out of the box we kept it in and started putting it back together (I wish I'd taken a pic of it in pieces) He fixed the broken arm, replaced the spindles and got it glued back together.  After the chair was repaired Lloyd started painting it.
The arms look like they've never been touched or broken.

After painting it red, it still needed something else....

It seems a little dull.

Lloyd decided to stain the chair with some red mahogany stain.  And it really took the chair to another level.  I'm not sure you can tell in the pictures, but it looks amazing!

Not so dull anymore!

I love how the grain shows through the paint!  We gave it to my MIL for part of her Christmas, she was so excited to see the chair and the red paint brought back so many memories for her!  Now the Grandchildren can enjoy the chair as much as she did!

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  1. Little Red Chair is adorable! What do you think about painting Jaden's chair????