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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Easy/Cute Kids Birthday Gift

This cute gift is what my 6yr old decided she wanted to give her best friend for her Birthday.  Saydi and her sister had received the same thing for Christmas and they use it almost daily.  Easy to personalize, good price and best of all NOT ANOTHER TOY!! We bought a magnetic whiteboard for about $7, Saydi picked out a pack of bright whiteboard pens with magnetic backs (the markers can stick to the board for storage) and erasers on the tops. I called my good friend Jodi from http://www.signsbyjodi2.blogspot.com/ and ordered a sticker with the name of her friend Tenleigh in her favorite color green (I chose the olive green).  The sticker was only .75 cents, we stuck it on and voila!  A personalized cute Birthday Gift!