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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Best Birthday Present EVER!

I hope you can see what is inside this wonderful treasure box! To some it may look like a box of junk tools that needed to see the trash can years ago, but to me and my hubby this is worth gold!  My sweet/amazing Mother-in-law put this shadowbox together for my husband Lloyd's Birthday.  My Father-in-law passed away from cancer just over 2 years ago. The items in the box are all family owned items.  The hammer belonged to my Brother-in-law who passed away at the age of  12.  The knife was my FIL's, the padlock was the lock my FIL kept on his locker during his school days.  The wrench used for the farm equipment and bit were used on the farm while Lloyd was growing up, and the pliers were famous fencing pliers used by my FIL putting up his own barbed wire fences for his cows.  Last but not least the handsaw belonged to my Husband's Grandpa, you can see he carved his initials into the saw HM, it was passed to my Father-In-Law and now to my Lloyder.  This beautiful box full of memories has a place of honor in my living room on a shelf.  I don't think many women would allow a box of tools in their living room, but to me it is a VERY special box that deserves a place of honor in our home.


  1. I love that! I would have that in my house even if they were not part of my family history. What a neat gift!!! I am so sentimental and things like this ARE worth gold :)

    Stacy Risenmay
    Not JUST A Housewife

  2. That is so awesome. Brooks loved it and thought it was the coolest gift ever.

  3. That is seriously the coolest thing I have ever seen! HM was my Grandpa's brother and it just brings it all home for me! Happy Birthday Lloyd.. love the box!