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Thursday, June 16, 2011

No More Trampoline!

The wind took our Trampoline across our garden and here is where it landed.  All busted up.  I didn't think it was that windy, at least my garden wasn't too far along, nothing was damaged there.

Even though the kids are smiling in the picture, they were NOT happy that we no longer have a tramp to jump on. They thought it was crazy where/how it landed.  If anyone knows of someone locally who is getting rid of one for cheap let me know!  These things are expensive!

The poor thing was mangled beyond repair.  As soon as my husband got home we took it down and put it away.  I have no idea when/if we'll get another one.  It was a favorite activity outside.  Guess I'll have to start saving my pennies for a new one!

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