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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Do For an Old Pup

This is our shaggy mutt named Donut.  He loves our cats, and usually they love him.  He's the best dog ever!

How could you not love this face!  My Mom calls him her 'luck dragon'  he reminds her of 'Falcor' on Never Ending Story.  He is great with the kids, and besides his attraction to chasing red trucks, we love him!

Here is Donut last summer, he would get so hot w/his huge coat.  Lloyd had tried to cut him with clippers, but his fur was too thick.  So we got out the scissors and cut him ourselves.  It was super choppy, but he seemed to feel better.

This year we took him to someone locally who cut him professionally and he looks like a new dog!! When Lloyd went to pick him up he wasn't sure it was our dog...lol.  Isn't he handsome?! 

No wonder he is so fast when he chases his red trucks!  He is skinny and lean.  I always thought he was fat, but it was just his coat.  He seems so happy, but the cats do not recognize him, they've attacked him twice since he's been home.  Poor guy just wants his friends!

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